Hillary Lin, MD

Stanford BS, MD, Internal Medicine Board-Certified Physician Entrepreneur
Co-founder and CEO of Curio - AI-enabled cancer navigation / health co-pilot


Hillary Lin, MD is a Stanford-trained physician and Co-founder and CEO of Curio, a VC-backed healthcare startup. Her research and clinical work has been focused on neuroscience, internal medicine, mental health, and oncology. Dr. Lin additionally advises other practitioners and startups in the health and wellness space. Her mission is to bring transformative, scientific, and accessible change to healthcare.


Dr. Lin writes on a variety of healthcare topics, including oncology, AI, mental health, health system reform, and innovation.


Curio is transforming cancer care with practical, personalized solutions enabled by AI and supported by clinicians. Our mission is to empower patients and loved ones with an advocate in their pocket that can help with education, emotional support, and care navigation. Its co-founders are Dr. Hillary Lin, CEO and Stanford-trained MD, Felix Li, COO and experienced health/insuretech operator, and Matteo Palvarini, CTO and former LinkedIn engineering manager and Lead Mindfulness Ambassador.Find out more at https://joincurio.com.

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